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Mischief | Merino Wool Women's Scarf

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Mischief is a beautiful 100% merino wool scarf with a modern and arty design, with twisted fringes. Although more modern in design, being woven on timeless merino wool base keeps this scarf true to its traditional roots. The fringes on these scarves are hand twisted and shaped by women in the village community in India. Making  these scarves not only provides livelihood and work for women but also supports the traditional craft and the local village community. 

Why you will love your scarf :

  • 100% merino wool that keeps you warm and cozy.
  • Unique and modern designs, giving your scarf a stylish and edgy look.
  • This mischief in your scarf lies in its duality. With one half being a striking solid crimson and the other half being red and black checks, your scarf is a statement piece. At 180cm long and 70 cm wide, your scarf is the perfect size to makes its presence known!
- 100% Merino Wool
TLC for your scarf:
- Best to dry clean



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