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Dark Passion | Silk Reversible Dual Tone Women's Scarf

Dark Passion | Silk Reversible Dual Tone Women's Scarf

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Dark Passion is an enticing apple red and wine reversible scarf made from the finest mulberry silk.

The satin weaves gives this 100% silk scarf a natural lustre and luxurious smoothness. And the uniqueness of these scarves is the versatility of colour, one palette on each side of the scarf! Experience luxury, style and functionality of this beautiful scarf by Aneeka.

Why you will love your scarf:

  • Your 100% silk scarf is made from the finest and softest mulberry silk. 
  • Your scarf is 2 very intense colours - Apple red on one side and wine red on the other.
  • Dark Passion will be your perfect companion for any occasion, particularly those special ones that need just that little bit more! 
- 100% Pure Silk
TLC for your scarf:
- Best to dry clean
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