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Flamingo's dance | Hand Beaded | Merino Wool Designer Wrap

Flamingo's dance | Hand Beaded | Merino Wool Designer Wrap

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Flamingo's Dance is a beautiful scarf made out of 100% merino wool and hand crafted with stones, beads and sequins to create exquisite designs.

These intricate designs on the scarves are handmade by skilled artisans in India and the fringes are also twisted by hand by women of the community. Making of these scarves not only provides livelihood and work for the artisans but also supports the traditional craft and the local village community. 

Why you will love your scarf:

  • 100% merino wool that keeps you warm and cozy.
  • Stunningly beautiful and intricate designs, giving your scarf a luxurious look and feel.
  • With the flamingo pink dancing through the weaves, your scarf is the perfect size that it wears well close to your neck or as a wrap around you to add that sparkle!
- 100% Merino Wool
TLC for your scarf:
- Best to dry clean



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