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Sunset | Cotton Scarf

Sunset | Cotton Scarf

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This luxe cotton scarf is the perfect mix of comfort, class and design. It has been designed from a mesmerizing photo of a sunset as seen between trees, creating dark and deep colours like shades of black and burnt orange. 

This scarf complements both dark and light coloured outfits, making it your go-to accessory.

- Designed in Australia & Made in Italy.

- Luxurious and comfortable.

- 100% Cotton

- Machine rolled on all sides.

- Hand finished.

- Measuring 180cm x 70cm,  it can be worn as a scarf around the neck, a headscarf, a hair accessory or even around your beachwear as a sarong.

- Every scarf comes in a bespoke gift box, making it the perfect something for any  occasion. 


Care instructions

  • Dry Clean Only.
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